Tuesday, 29 March 2011

My view

eyes are better than lips
If someone is beautiful say it, shout it...
The most important convertations happens after midnight
Finding a soulmate means finding what you don't like first
a soulmate: should be your best friend first
family is IMPORTANT, they will love you even if
you're ugly.
Dogs are always willing to forgive and love you
unconditionally...all they ask in return is love,
play with them as often as you can
Smile at the people you walk past
Dance, best form of hapiness
write letters to important people,to the unimportant ones too
Always remember who you are and what you stand for,
never let anyone change you!!
constantly talk to God, he LOVES listening


  1. My Response:

    Eyes are closed while using lips
    If someone is beautiful, whisper it...
    The world already knows
    Nothing good ever happens after 2am
    Finding a soul mate means loving the mistakes
    A soul mate should be your best friend forever
    Blood is thicker than water
    There's a reason why dogs are a mans best friend:
    "unconditionally" 'till the end
    Talk to them as often as you can
    A smile confuses an approaching frown
    Don't stop dancing
    Write letters: You can't read a phone call
    Stand for who you are and remember where you're going
    All change is not growth as all movement is not forward
    Constantly listen for God, He is always talking

  2. frans....
    care to explain hoekom dit amper presies my woorde is

  3. Because it is written to compliment yours, nothing more, nothing less...