Monday, 28 November 2011

The sounds I adore

  1. The sound of a kettle boiling water- if coffee had a sound
  2. The calming sound of wind blowing through the leaves of big trees - blowing now and then , comming to rest only to build up another great shwoosh , sending the wind through the branches
3. The rumble of an aeroplane in the sky 
4. The sound of our car when we drive for long distances. - That moment when tiredness over powers me and I lie for a second with closed eyes on the back seat of the car, thinking of nothing, only listening to the sound of the car's wheels on the tar road.
5. Silence
6. My mother's voice
7. Water cobbling over the stones of a river.  

Friday, 04 November 2011

one day if you care to listen to good music

The things money can't buy

* Living the dream
* A first kiss
* Beginners eyes- you'll never see it again for the very first time
* An awkward moment
* The sound of raindrops outside
* A good genuine conversation- when the topic of conversation flows endlessly
* Randomly hearing your favourite song- smiling because of it.
* Reminiscing about old times with your best friend
* The joy of cuddling in rainy weather.
* The perfect sound because of absolute silence
* The hilarity of a inside joke
* The laughter because of crying about the little things
* The captivating experience of watching people - sitting in a cafe, only observing- you can't buy this quality of entertainment.
* A blissful moment of sleep in the afternoon
* Trust
* The bizarre phenomena of skipping rocks across water.
* slow dancing without music- dancing is like dreaming with your feet- Constance

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