Friday, 04 November 2011

The things money can't buy

* Living the dream
* A first kiss
* Beginners eyes- you'll never see it again for the very first time
* An awkward moment
* The sound of raindrops outside
* A good genuine conversation- when the topic of conversation flows endlessly
* Randomly hearing your favourite song- smiling because of it.
* Reminiscing about old times with your best friend
* The joy of cuddling in rainy weather.
* The perfect sound because of absolute silence
* The hilarity of a inside joke
* The laughter because of crying about the little things
* The captivating experience of watching people - sitting in a cafe, only observing- you can't buy this quality of entertainment.
* A blissful moment of sleep in the afternoon
* Trust
* The bizarre phenomena of skipping rocks across water.
* slow dancing without music- dancing is like dreaming with your feet- Constance

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